Release 2023-02-18

The most obvious update of this release is the new landing page, the user gets sent to after logging in. This view offers a personal dashboard for the latest created parts, upload and saving statistics as well as notifications and useful links and resources. Furthermore, the cost breakdown can now be displayed in detail, e.g. to see the ratio of waste and support material of a part.


  • Landing page with user statistics, notifications and other useful resources.
  • Advanced cost break down for material, build, pre- and post-processing.
  • Forward relevant errors to frontend.
  • Buy-To-Fly ratio for milling benchmark process chain.
  • Replace “Slime Mold Algorithm” with “Simulated Annealing” for optimization.

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong labels in file overwrite popup confirm buttons.
  • Milling process chain cost displayed as zero.
  • Icons on landing page overlap on small screens.
  • Popup component not fully reachable on full screen.
  • Material level 2 materials missing in choice list on material creation.
  • Wrong sidebar section selected after reload.
  • Wrong units for surface finishing.
  • Detected StNr displayed dot at wrong position.