Release 2023-04-01

The 3D viewer has received some upgrades. The new “X-RAY” button allows toggling the transparency of a CAD and find support surfaces or identify critical part regions. Furthermore, support surfaces can be visualized directly after setting a material with no need for a full analysis.


  • Toggle transparency in 3D viewer.
  • Supports are displayable after selecting a material.
  • Improved part library export to excel:
    • Faster workbook generation
    • Better column order
    • Added time stamp to file name
  • Machine power consumption can now be added or edited
  • Improved server security

Bug Fixes

  • Cost breakdown not consistent.
  • Edited labor and machine times not applied correctly.
  • Unsteady cost function in shared mode with low build rates.
  • Negative waste material cost for certain parts.
  • Default energy and costing settings not found.
  • Fly-to-buy ratio in wrong format.
  • Process chain template creation window cannot be closed.
  • Missing item is hamburger menu.
  • Breakeven intersections not visible.