Release 2023-03-18

With this release we have two major new features in stall:

  1. Users can now create, edit and delete their own process step templates. From theses templates, process steps can be added to the process chain at will and even be shared within the organization.
  2. The first element of or CO2 footprint calculation is now available. This includes new settings, regarding energy mix and power consumption attributes for all machines.


  • Create user-defined process step templates.
  • Add custom process steps to the process chain.
  • Machines now have optional attribute “power consumption”.
  • New setting for configuring used energy (CO2-equivalent) to calculate CO2 footprint.
  • CO2 footprint from consumed power is calculated.
  • Material can be selected before and during CAD analysis and the initial calculation will be run automatically.
  • External users are able to see the used machine in the part library.
  • Text categories fields provide a go-to-link, if a URL is detected.
  • Restyling of organization settings.
  • Calculation level of each process step is shown in the process chain visualization.

Bug Fixes

  • Library filter not working for combo categories.
  • Break even chart only loaded after second click.
  • Prevent float values for lot size.
  • Email-bot not notifying about new users.
  • Recalculation triggered prematurely.