Release 2023-03-04

The performance of the platform app was improved by changing to a faster server application. Apart from that. we concentrated on fixing bugs, that were reported using out new “Support” message feature.


  • Frontend performance boost by change of framework.
  • Links to 3D Spark blog on several occasions.
  • Forwarded Error notification for analysis tasks.
  • Analysis button always available, when not computing.

Bug Fixes

  • CAD not loaded after conversion for first time users.
  • Icon overlapping with text on landing page.
  • Wrong options showing on popup component.
  • Part name “undefined” in notifications.
  • Default access level not shown in machine and material creation.
  • No part id given, when asset is uploaded.
  • Support field with attachment throws exceptions.
  • Long support messages throw exceptions.
  • Part not loaded, when clicking “back” in browser.
  • Double-click and faulty input prevention on multiple occasions.