Release 2023-02-04

Version 0.33.1

This release bring a range of long-awaited customization features. Last release, user-defined materials were introduced. They can now also be edited and details of all materials are inspectable. Similar to materials, user-defined machines can be created and edited.
In the benchmark tab, labor and machine times can be adjusted for each step and the cost will update accordingly.


  • Edit process step times and automatic cost update.
  • User-defined materials can be edited after creation.
  • User-defined machines can be created and edited.
  • Issues can be created directly from the platform.
  • Automatic recalculation of missing feasibility files.
  • Support removability warning made publicly available in feasibility tag and canvas.
  • Improved material proposal for drawings and current material field.
  • Sheet Metal Works added as “Benchmark Process” tag.
  • Filter by username in part library.
  • New canvas icons.

Bug Fixes

  • Redirect links ending in part id.
  • Number of jobs infinite, if part does not fit machine.
  • Different fonts in platform and charts.
  • StrNr translation fix.
  • Deleted filters still applied.
  • Material cost estimated too expensive.
  • SLS waste material overestimated for chunky parts.