Release 2023-01-21

The 3D Spark Platform now allows uploads from customers. This “view for external users” hides all analysis data, but allows to request offers by setting the status of a part. Furthermore, the platform hardware was upgraded to handle requests more efficiently.


  • Minimal view for customers (External view)
  • Reduced analysis time by computation of geometric properties after successful CAD upload.
  • Material proposal from drawings.
  • Unset and empty categories are hidden from the sidebar.
  • Consitant wording for “lot” and “batch”
  • New column “AM Material” in part library excel download.
  • Improved customer support: Support gets notified as soon as a user registered.
  • Security enhancements in backup storage.
  • Dynamic, improved milling parameters.
  • Navbar rework.

Bug Fixes

  • Cancel analysis button does not work.
  • New validated parts not filtered correctly in dashboard.
  • Confusing tool tips on part description removed.
  • Invalid cookie error after bein idle.
  • Collapsed sidebar crops share menu.
  • Feasibility not shown in External view.
  • Unable to delete parts.
  • Non AM materials in material library.
  • PDF report page not exportable.
  • Multiple asset upload