Release 2022-12-10

We extended the material library and tuned costing, especially for DLS. Noteworthy bugfixes include multi-level filtering using numerous categories at the same time.


  • New materials:
    • PRO-BLK 10
    • HTN-CF25
    • Onyx, Onyx FR, Onyx ESD
    • Ultrafuse PC GF30
    • Generic PLA
  • Material and machine ownership
  • Custom process step model. First applied on LMM sinter step.
  • New fields in library excel dump: ‘Upload Date’, ‘Lead Time Saved’ and ‘Validated Lead Time Saved’
  • Added suggestions on faulty CAD detection

Bug Fixes

  • Division by zero, if FDM part plane is on origin
  • Feedback values not displayed correctly
  • Faulty feasibility checks
  • Multi-Level filtering
  • File overwrite not working