Release 2022-07-23

3D Spark now offers multiple AM feasibility indicators regarding price, lead time, complexity and manufacturability to automatically identify AM business cases. Additionally, FDM technology got a big upgrade including a new default machine (Ultimaker S5) for standard engineering materials. The best FDM orientation is now defined by the largest accessible part surface and is optimized for cost.


  • Feasibility KPI regarding cost, lead time, complexity and manufacturability
  • Improved orientation optimization for FDM (Displayed orientation will be fixed ASAP)
  • New FDM machine for several FDM material.
  • Material price updates
  • Allow Upload of Tif files
  • Public API access
  • Part library UI improvements
  • Break even intersections displayed in chart
  • Customizable axis in scatterplot

Bug Fixes

  • Low volume AM cheaper than high volume
  • Errors not propagated