Release 2022-07-10

The new features of this release include a variety of improvements in the user interface, but also great new tools for part analytics.


  • Non-uniform scaling.
  • Subdivision of pre- and post-processing according to analysis setting (shared build jobs vs. batch only).
  • Smoothing of thickness analysis results.
  • Geometric complexity estimation.
  • Individual URLs per part.
  • Detailed feasibility information.
  • Negative values in dashboard scatterplot.
  • Warning dialog on process chain deletion.
  • Visualization of process related scaling.
  • Orientation analysis toggle.
  • Simple market price estimation.
  • Introduction of container orchestration image registry.

Bug Fixes

  • Build height calculation for 3D nesting.
  • Invalid default CAD status.
  • Download button and analysis result not accessible.
  • Empty canvas rework.