Release 2022-03-26

This is our greatest release yet. A lot has happend under the hood to not only allow analysis for AM, but for benchmark processes as well. Each process chain is broken down into process steps for maximum transparency. At this stage a alternative material and process from the technologies ‘milling’ and ‘casting’ are picked for the user automatically. In the future we will allow to pick-and-choose, edit and customize these process chains. The transition is a big one and far from perfect, so please feel free to report any bug you experience and help us improve 3D Spark for you!


  • Migration of part data to process chain bases costing model.
  • Benchmark Processes and materials for milling and casting.
  • Breakeven analysis for default processes including interactive chart.
  • Quick costing analysis on material change.
  • Cost and time breakdown for all process steps.
  • Interactive charts for process chain.
  • Interactive chart for cost breakdown (Pre, main, post process steps and material)
  • Live update of analysis status.

Bug Fixes

  • Analysis status mix-ups fixed.
  • Premature display of analysis data prevented.